Fall Season

Fall Season information

The AYSO Calendar starts on August 1st.  You will be contacted by your child's coach after teams are form with team details.  Games for the U16/U19 divisions begins the week of TBD. The U14 division games will begin on TBD, which also happens to be Picture Day. The remainder of the divisions will have their first games on TBD.

Required Volunteer Registration Process

All Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, Team Managers, and any other type of volunteer, are required to register as volunteers every year. For new volunteers, an ID badge will be provided once the volunteer registration process has been completed. For returning volunteers, while you must register through eAYSO, you may reuse your existing ID badge. For detailed information on how to register as a volunteer, please click here.

Practice Locations

The below locations are available locations for this season. Each coach will need to schedule practice time and location with the Coach Administrator. Practices for ALL teams can begin after August 1, 2016.

U5 through U10 can practice at:

  • Phillips Ranch Park (Decker Park)

U12 through U19 can practice at:

  • Country Crossing Park

If a school site or park is not listed above, it means that AYSO does not have approval to use these fields for practices or games. Please understand that sites not approved by AYSO also do not carry insurance.

Practice Guidelines

These guidelines were developed to provide each team with the space necessary to hold a decent, productive, practice. Due to the number of teams, and the limited practice space that is available to us, the fields get very crowded on certain weeknights. We ask that observe and respect the below guidelines as closely as possible. In any situation that prevents you from adhering to these guidelines, please communicate your issues or concern to your division coordinator.

Game/Match Guidelines

  • U5/U6 - No goalkeeper is used
  • U5/U6 - Coaches are allowed on the field with players 
  • U5/U6 - Home team to provide the referee
  • U5/U6/U8 - Scores and standings are not kept
  • U5/U6/U8 - No offside infractions
  • U5/U6/U8 - No penalty kicks(only direct free kicks)
  • U8/U10/U12 - Goalkeeper must play 1 quarter on the field.
  • U5/U6/U8/U10/U12/U14 - No running up scores. 

Point System for Standings (U10-U14)

For regular season division standings only

  • Win =      (3) points
  • Tie =       (1) point
  • Loss =    (0) points
  • Forfeit = (-1) points

Referee Points: Referee points will be factored into the divisional standings.

Forfeits: A forfeit will be recorded as a 1-0 win for the opposing team unless the match is a mutual forfeit. In this case, a (-1 point) will be recorded for both teams.

Goal Points: Points for scoring goals will not be a component of the regular season standings in any division. Additionally, goal differential will limited to a maximum of 3 per game. This is designed to discourage team from running up the score against an opponent.

Final Standings

Tiebreakers: Any "ties" in the Final Standings will be resolved using the following tiebreaker sequence:

  • Head to head results
  • Fewest goals allowed during the regular season
  • Goal differential (i.e. goals scored less goals allowed to a maximum of 3 per match. The highest differential wins the tiebreaker)
  • Coin toss

Team Referee Requirements(U10-U14)

Each team needs to be provide at least 3 referees.

Season Information