Season Information


1.    1.      Season Information

a.     Guidelines

                                               i.     We follow Phillips Ranch Guidelines for playing time (3/4)

                                              ii.     No player will play more than ½ of game in goal

b.     Competition between teams from Phillips Ranch

                                               i.     U12 & U14 @ Country Crossing

                                              ii.     U5 – U10 Play @ Decker Park (Phillips Ranch Park)

                                             iii.     Master schedule will be posted on, Phillips Ranch’s website.

                                             iv.     Home team parents will take lead in hosting venue.

                                              v.     Teams playing first & last games will set up or breakdown fields

                                             vi.     Each team will have to provide referees for (15) referee assignments.

                1.     Points will be deducted if the (15) referee assignments are not fullfiled.

c.      Duration

                                               i.     10 weeks of games plus 1

                                              ii.     Season starts Sept. , 2016

                                             iii.     Picture Day is Sept , 2016

d.     Equipment (Game & Practice)

                                               i.     Mandatory – Shin Guards, socks over shin guards, shorts, shirt, & soccer shoes.

                                              ii.     Optional – Goalie gloves for keepers

                                             iii.     Ball size depends on division age 

                                                       1.     U5/U6/U8 (size 3), U10/U12 (size 4), U14 and above (size 5)

                2.     keep eye on them, ball will walk away

               3.     Suggest parents write player’s name on ball.

e.     Practice

                                               i.     Practice starts (Your Date/Time Here)

                                              ii.     Teams need players at all practices.

                            iii.     Need to be on time, allot to do with little time  

                                             iv.     Drink plenty of water at practice/game

f.      Game Day

                                               i.     Teams will check in every game

                                              ii.     Team Binder: Coach, Asst. Coach & Team Parent.

                1.     Medical Release forms (White Sheets)

                                                      2.     Team Roster w/RC's signature

               3.     Player ID (Spring only)

                                             iii.     Players should arrive 60 minutes before game time.

                                             iv.     If you can’t make game, please let coach, asst. coach or (team mom) know ASAP.

g.     Sideline Demeanor

                                               i.     PIE– POSITIVE INSTRUCTION & ENCOURAGEMENT

                                              ii.     AYSO reserves park during game time

                                             iii.     Coaches in coaches box – set example

                                             iv.     Parents in spectators area (3 yrds back/box to box)

                                              v.     Kid’s Zone

2.  2.      Volunteers – Team will be as strong as team Participation.

a.     Let us coach but we need your help.

                                               i.     Asst. Coach

                                              ii.     Team Parent – Meeting on…, 7:00pm @ Decker Park

                                             iii.     Team Referees – Training to be announced

                                             iv.     Team Photographer

                                              v.     Team Field Crew

                                             vi.     Team Flag/Banner Custodian

3.   3.

a.     First option for information

b.     Contact information for league/board

c.      Calendar/Events – all dates listed are on calendar

                d.      Schedules and maps when delivered